It’s All About ‘I Will’… 

The work of the North Orange County Regional Consortium for Adult Education (NOCRC) is opening doors and changing lives. 

Adult students in North Orange County are making a courageous choice to empower themselves, striving to overcome obstacles, facing new challenges, and greeting life every day with the same uplifting affirmation: 

“I Will.”

Powering Success 

NOCRC’s members are dedicated to serving learners of all academic levels and needs. Learn more about NOCRC’s adult education programs!

Basic Skills, High School Diploma, and GED/HiSET Programs

Promoting high school diploma completion by providing Math and English ? Is this still being offered- confirm with Dave. and free tutoring to students completing their high school subjects. Offering direct instruction GED/HiSET preparation program. Assisting high school diploma graduates with transitioning to college. 

I will finish high school...

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Promoting classroom-to-career pathways and filling critical workforce gaps through programs, practices, and workshops. 

 I will reach my goals… 

Disability Support Services (DSS)

Powering bold new possibilities through classes, programs, academic resources, and accessibility-focused support services.  

 I will build my independence… 

K-12 Student Success

Preparing parents, educators, and community members to establish strategies, habits, and boundaries essential for children and young people to have a successful upbringing.

I will strengthen my family…

English as a Second Language (ESL) and Citizenship Preparation

Paving the way to higher education and citizenship through language-focused classes and services. 

 I will learn English…