Disability Support Services (DSS)  

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Accessibility and Inclusion 

NOCRC-supported Disability Support Services (DSS) at North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) provides support to adult students with disabilities so they can successfully transition to, participate in, and complete their post-secondary education.  DSS offers additional services to support students with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), empowering them to be successful with inclusive classes.

Innovative Programs and Customized Support 

DSS serves approximately 1,100 students annually. Instruction and services focus on workforce preparation, community, and postsecondary inclusion.

Services offered include counseling, transition counseling, workforce preparation, job placement, testing accommodations, materials in alternate formats, and much more. 

  • Instruction: Building Skills and Empowering Independence

    Students enroll in classes that focus on workforce preparation and basic skills. They earn certificates upon completion of sequenced courses.

    The curriculum is designed to support students’ pathways to become more independent, transition to employment, and/or inclusive noncredit and credit higher education programs.

  • The Award-Winning ARISE Hub

    The Academics, Relationships, Independence, Self-Advocacy, and Emotional Health (ARISE) Hub is an educational support and wellness hub in an open-lab setting.

    Staff focus on helping students develop organizational, academic, and social skills while providing students with support for their mental health needs.

    The ARISE Hub was designed to provide individualized support to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Still, students from all NOCE programs are welcome to benefit from the services provided by ARISE.

    The ARISE Hub provides a safe space where students can decompress, seek guidance, and cultivate the skills they need to succeed in school. 

    For more information on the ARISE Lab, please visit NOCE ARISE Lab page.

    Informational Materials:

  • WISE: Independence for Students with Disabilities

    The Work Independence SelfAdvocacy Education (WISE) Program offers classes in which subjects are woven together in a weekly curriculum for students who need close instructional support.

    This five-year program prepares adults with moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities to successfully interact in the community, teaching lessons first in the classroom and then progressing into various community settings for students to learn the skills to live and work as independently as possible.

    Need more information? Please visit NOCE WISE Program page.

  • WorkAbility III (WAIII): Connecting to Confident Careers

    The WorkAbility III Program supports college students and work-ready adults as they prepare for, obtain, and retain meaningful employment.

    Students meet with a vocational specialist and employment experts to determine skill sets, aptitudes, and work readiness.

    Want to learn more? Please visit NOCE Workability III Program page,

  • College to Career (C2C): Warm and Welcoming Support

    College to Career (C2C) promotes the inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities into the college community.

    Services include educational coaching, a specialized support lab, academic and career counseling, employment preparation, and job placement.

    For more information, please read more at the NOCE College to Career Program page.

  • Independent Vocational and Educational Supports (IVES): A Path to Persistence

    The IVES Program provides coaching to support students as they complete post-secondary educational programs and seek employment.

    Students may attend Fullerton College, Cypress College, and/or NOCE.

    Read more at the NOCE IVES Program page.

  • Mobility Skills Training

    Mobility Skills Training helps students build independent travel skills through round-trip bus training between home, work, and school.

    Students are taught in one-to-one and smallgroup classes utilizing a mix of classroom and real-world experiences utilizing the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) bus services.

    Learn more at the NOCE Mobility Training Program page.

  • DSS Peer Mentorship

    Peer mentors provide one-to-one assistance to incoming students to help them learn about educational and support services.

    Participating students gain confidence, knowledge of campus resources, and a sense of belonging while mentors develop key leadership skills.

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